Commercial Call-Out Fees in Australia: More Information


Commercial property owners in Australia should expect to pay call-out fees to property management companies or tradespeople when they must attend the property to assess or address an issue. These call-out fees typically range from 4% to 12% of the monthly rental income, depending on the location, size, and type of commercial property.

The call-out fee covers the time and costs for the property manager or tradesperson to travel to the site, inspect the issue, and provide a quote or begin remediation work. It may include up to 15 minutes of the service provider's labour. Factors like the time of day, urgency of the issue, and whether it's on a weekend or holiday can also impact the call-out fee.

In addition to the call-out fee, commercial property owners should expect to pay other management fees, such as a percentage-based management fee (4-12% of rent), letting fees for finding new tenants, and administrative charges. The overall fee structure can vary significantly between property management companies, so owners must get quotes and understand what is covered.

Ultimately, call-out fees are a standard part of commercial property management in Australia, allowing service providers to recoup the costs of responding to issues at the property. Owners should budget for these fees as part of the ongoing expenses of managing a commercial investment.

What are the typical call-out fees for commercial plumbing in Australia?

Commercial property owners in Australia can expect to pay call-out fees ranging from $60 to $100 when hiring a plumber to attend their property. 

These call-out fees cover the time and costs for the plumber to travel to the site, assess the issue, and provide a quote or begin remediation work. The call-out fee typically includes up to 15 minutes of the plumber's labour. 

Factors that can impact the call-out fee include the time of day, the urgency of the issue, and whether it's on a weekend or holiday. Plumbers may charge higher call-out fees for emergency or after-hours service

In addition to the call-out fee, commercial property owners should budget for other plumbing-related fees, such as:

1. Hourly labour rates, which typically range from $100 to $150 per hour 

2. Percentage-based management fees (4-12% of monthly rent) charged by property management companies 

3. Letting fees for finding new tenants

4. Administrative charges

The overall fee structure can vary significantly between plumbing companies and property management providers, so commercial property owners need to get detailed quotes and understand exactly what is covered. 

What factors influence the callout fee for commercial plumbing services?

The key factors that influence the callout fee for commercial plumbing services in Australia include:

Time of service

Callout fees are typically higher for emergency, after-hours, or weekend/holiday service than regular weekday business hours. 

Complexity of the Issue

Callout fees for more complex plumbing problems that require specialised skills or equipment will be higher than for simple fixes. 


Plumbers servicing commercial properties in major cities or remote areas may charge higher callout fees to account for travel time and costs. 

Plumber Qualifications

Due to their greater expertise, callout fees are generally higher for master plumbers than for journeyman or apprentice plumbers

Company Policies

Plumbing companies set their callout fee structures, which vary significantly. Some may offer "no callout fee" promotions, but the costs are often built into the hourly labour rate instead. 

Generally, commercial property owners in Australia can expect callout fees ranging from $60 to $100 for standard plumbing services during regular business hours. However, these fees can increase to $150-$500 for emergency or complex issues.  The total cost will include hourly labour rates, materials, and other applicable fees.

Are there any hidden costs with plumbers offering no callout fees?

There are no hidden costs with reputable plumbers who offer a genuine $0 callout fee in Australia. However, it's important to understand how these fees work:

A callout fee covers the plumber's travel costs to the property to diagnose the issue. Plumbers who don't charge this fee build it into their hourly labour rates instead.

Plumbers offering a $0 callout fee will still provide an upfront, fixed-price quote for the repair work before starting. This quote should include all costs with no hidden fees.

The plumber should be transparent about their pricing structure and provide a detailed breakdown of the costs. Avoid any company that is vague about what they include in the entire package.

The key is to choose a licensed, reputable plumber who is upfront about their pricing. Get quotes from multiple companies, understand the inclusions, and avoid choosing based on a $0 callout fee alone. A fair price for quality work is more important than a gimmicky "free" callout.

How can I negotiate the cost with a plumber who doesn't charge a callout fee?

Here are some tips for negotiating the overall cost with a plumber who offers a $0 callout fee:

Understand their pricing structure.

Plumbers who don't charge a call out fee build those costs into hourly labour rates or have a fixed price per job. Ask them to clearly explain how they determine the total cost.

Get multiple quotes.

Contact several plumbers offering $0 callout fees and compare their overall pricing, including labour rates, materials, and other fees. These quotes will help you understand the market rate.

Negotiate the fixed-price quote.

Once the plumber has assessed the issue and provided a fixed-price quote, you can negotiate that total cost. Explain that you've shopped and see if they will adjust the price.

Ask about discounts.

Some plumbers may offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and first-time customers, or if you pay upfront in cash. Be sure to inquire about any special offers.

Time it right.

Schedule the work during regular business hours on a weekday, as plumbers may charge higher rates for evenings, weekends, or holidays.

Provide clear access.

Make sure the work area is easily accessible to help the plumber complete the job efficiently, which could lower the overall cost.

The key is to be an informed consumer, get multiple quotes, and negotiate politely but firmly. Avoid choosing a plumber solely based on a $0 callout fee for residential or commercial properties; overall pricing is more important.

Are there any plumbers that offer no callout fee services?

As we've seen, some plumbers in Australia offer genuine $0 callout fee services, particularly for commercial properties. Companies like All Needs Plumbing advertise this upfront, transparent pricing model.

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