Residential Call-Out Fees in Australia: More Information


Call-out fees are a common practice in Australia's residential property management industry. Property managers or service providers charge these fees when they must attend a property to address an issue or provide a service.

Why are there residential call-out fees?

Call-out fees compensate the property manager or service provider for the time and effort involved in travelling to the property, even if the issue is minor or the service is not ultimately required. These fees help cover the costs of fuel, labour, and other expenses associated with the visit.

What are the typical call-out fees for residential properties in Australia?

The typical call-out fees for residential properties in Australia can vary but generally range from around $50 to $150 or more. Some key points about call-out fees in Australia:

Traders like plumbers, electricians, and other service providers commonly charge call-out fees when traveling to a property to address an issue or provide a service.

The call-out fee compensates the service provider for the time and costs of travelling to the property, even if the issue is minor or the service is not ultimately required.

The typical call-out fee for plumbers is around $100, but depending on the factors mentioned, it can range from $50 to $120 or more.

Property management companies may also charge call-out fees, often 5-12% of the weekly rent, to cover the costs of attending to property maintenance and tenant issues.

There are no specific laws or regulations governing call-out fees in Australia. So, service providers can set their fees as long as they tell the customer about it.

In summary, while call-out fees can vary, a typical range for residential properties in Australia is around $50 to $150, with plumbers often charging $100 as a standard call-out fee.

Factors Influencing Residential Call-Out Fees in Australia

Several key factors can influence the amount of call-out fees charged by service providers for residential properties in Australia:

Location of the Property

Call-out fees may be higher for properties located further away or in remote areas. The service provider must account for the additional time and travel costs of reaching the property.

Properties located in metropolitan or urban areas typically have lower call-out fees than those in regional, rural, or remote locations. The distance the service provider needs to travel is a key factor in determining the call-out fee.

For example, a plumber may charge a standard call-out fee of $100 for properties within a 30 km radius of their business. However, properties over 30 km away may add a "remote area fee" of $50 or more to cover the extra travel time and fuel costs.

Time of Day

Fees may be higher for call-outs outside of regular business hours, such as evenings, weekends, or public holidays. The service provider may need to pay their employees overtime rates or work unsociable hours to attend to the call-out.

Many tradespeople and property management companies will charge an "after-hours" or "emergency" call-out fee that can be 50% to 100% higher than the standard rate. The payment discrepancy compensates them for the inconvenience and additional costs of responding to the call-out during non-business hours.

For example, a plumber's standard call-out fee may be $100 during regular business hours but could increase to $150 or more for an evening or weekend call-out.

The Urgency of the Issue

Fees may be higher for emergency or urgent callouts requiring immediate response. For example, urgent issues like burst pipes, electrical faults, or security breaches have a premium rate.

Service providers may have different call-out fee tiers based on the issue's priority level. For example:

Priority 1 (emergency): $150 call-out fee

Priority 2 (urgent): $120 call-out fee

Priority 3 (non-urgent): $100 call-out fee

The higher the urgency, the more the service provider may charge to compensate for the need to respond quickly, potentially outside of normal business hours, and prioritize the call-out over other scheduled work.

The Service Provider

Different companies or tradespeople may charge different call-out rates.

In Australia, no specific laws or regulations govern call-out fees for residential properties. Property managers and service providers can set fees if they inform the owner or tenant.

It is common for property management companies to include call-out fees in their fee schedules or terms and conditions. These companies typically charge fees in addition to any labour or materials costs associated with the work performed. 

For example, a property management company may charge a call-out fee of $55 per hour (with a minimum 4-hour call-out) plus the cost of any materials or labour required to address the issue. 

Property owners and tenants should know the call-out fees that may apply before engaging a property manager or service provider. Understanding the fee structure and when and how the professionals charge these fees will be charged is important. 

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