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We are All Needs Plumbing, experts in providing solutions to plumbing system leaks in the St George region of Sydney. We service KogarahSans SouciHurstvilleRockdale and the surrounds with leak detection, then find the best solution to fix it within budget.

Leaks are common in most Australian homes. Piping systems that round your homes will eventually deteriorate through time. Some may deteriorate faster due to lack of maintenance, faulty installation, blocks and other issues that may arise from using and living in your homes.

There are plenty of leaks that may occur at home. These may include water leaks, gas leaks and backflow issues. When these pipe leaks and related plumbing issues occur, it would be ideal to call All Needs Plumbing to have your leaks located and repaired in no time.


Your Local Leak Repair Experts

Pipe leak detection requires extensive experience and should be always performed by a professional. Detecting leaks, whether from your pool, water lines, drain lines, sewer and your gas fittings should be done quickly and thoroughly to address the problem fast and efficiently. All Needs Plumbing offers 10 years of experience in leak detection and repair services. We offer the latest techniques, equipment and the knowledge to detect repairs in your home and provide solutions within your budget. All Needs Plumbing offers full, comprehensive and professional structural leak location, preventive maintenance and quality control services all year round in St George, Sutherland Shire and surrounding Sydney suburbs.


Different Types of Leaks and Repairs

If your pipe needs repair, All Needs Plumbing can provide a quick and safe fix for any type of leak that occurs in your home.

Step 01

Pool Leak Detection

If you suspect that your pool is leaking, a Bucket Test would be the best method to identify a leak. This process involves filling a bucket with pool water and placing it on the first step of the pool to monitor the water level. If you notice your pool is losing water, going down more than the bucket’s inside water level, a leak might be present and requires immediate attention. A licensed and experienced plumber is your best bet to resolve the issue.

Step 02

Piping System Leak Detection

Leaks in your pipes can cause a huge dent in your water bill and endanger the safety of your home and the comfort of the people living in it. Some leaks are easy to find while others are hidden and require advanced plumbing tools to be discovered and identified. A metre test is the most common type of test to identify a leak in your pipes. Refrain from using water for 30 minutes. If you see the numbers in your metre changing, even with water not being used, your pipes are indeed jeopardised by a leak.

Step 03

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks are dangerous and should never be ignored. If you suspect a gas leak in your property, you should call a licensed gas fitting specialist immediately to address the issue. It is of utmost importance that any gas leak should be identified and fixed quickly to avoid further dangers and threats to your property. Avoid working with someone who is not experienced with gas leak repairs and fittings. Doing so may cause more danger and problems to your gas systems at home.

All Needs Plumbing can also help in identifying mystery leaks, as well as attend to residential and commercial leak detection and repair needs. Slab leak detections can also be attended by our team of professionals with the same level of commitment and workmanship we are known for.

Honest and Fair Pricing and Services

All Needs Plumbing offers free quotes without wasting your time and resources. We deliver quotes within minutes via our 24/7 customer service support or our online quote request tool. We can also provide free quotes after inspecting and providing diagnosis for your plumbing issues. If you suspect a leak at home, call All Needs Plumbing immediately to get the best plumbing solution.

Our team is trained and expert in using state of the art hardware and techniques to attend to different types of leaks, fast and efficiently at all times. You can place your full confidence in our professionals. We feature licensed gas leak plumbers, certified to do gas fitting works for our clients. We continue to grow as one of the best leak experts in Sydney by providing our clients with regularly trained professionals, equipped with techniques that help in securing water leaks and gas leaks, safely and efficiently.

Get complete services to avoid indicative wider problems with your plumbing infrastructure at home. At All Needs Plumbing, we have the resources required to provide complete and high quality service to detect and repair leaks in no time.


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If you suspect a pool leak, leaks in your pipes, gas leaks or mystery leaks in your property, you can give All Needs Plumbing a call at 1300 110 230 to attend to your leak problems. Finding a leak on your own can be tedious, especially for someone who is not experienced in doing so. Keep in mind that you should not wait long to resolve these issues. A professional plumbing expert is still your best choice to solve leaks and other plumbing issues in your home.
Our team is serious in taking good care of your property while providing the service that you need and deserve for your plumbing needs. Our water leak and gas leak detection services are very effective and intrusive, ensuring that we do minimal disruption to our client’s home and properties. We clean up after every project, so you’ll hardly have to worry about any damage to your property.

We are proud to be the top leak detection company in St George and Sutherland Shire. All Needs Plumbing is passionate and we provide quality customer service all the time. With 10 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we are your best bet in proofing your homes and properties.

Call us today at 1300 110 230 to book an inspection or to put an end to your leaking problems at home.

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