All Things About Call-Out Fees You Need to Know


At All Needs Plumbing, we understand that the concept of call-out fees can confuse our customers. Here, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the definition, why they are charged, and how they work.

What is a call-out fee?

A call-out fee is a set amount charged by a professional or business for attending a customer's location to inspect a job and provide a quote. This fee typically includes the cost of the professional's time and expertise in diagnosing the issue and developing a solution. The fee is usually charged in addition to any labour and materials costs for work done.

Why do professionals charge call-out fees?

Licensed professionals do this for several reasons:

Time and Expertise

The fee covers the time and expertise of the professional in diagnosing the issue and providing a quote. This ensures that the professional is fairly compensated for their time, even if the customer decides not to proceed with the job.

Filtering Out Low-Value Jobs

Call-out fees can act as a filter to ensure that only serious customers who are likely to proceed with the job are willing to pay the fee. This helps professionals to focus on more profitable and worthwhile projects.

Travel and Equipment Costs

The fee may also cover the cost of travelling to the customer's location, as well as any equipment or tools needed to diagnose the issue.

Overheads and Expenses

The fee can also help to cover the overheads and expenses of running a business, such as office costs, insurance, and employee salaries.

How Do Call-Out Fees Work?

Call-out fees typically work as follows:

Initial Consultation

The professional visits the customer's location to inspect the job and provide a quote.

Quote and Solution

The professional presents a quote and solution to the customer, which includes labour and materials costs.


The customer pays the call-out fee, which is usually a set amount and may also proceed with the job if they accept the quote.

Are Call-Out Fees Reasonable?

Yes, call-out fees are generally reasonable. Professionals need to be compensated for their time and expertise, and the fee ensures they are fairly paid even if the customer decides not to proceed with the job. Additionally, call-out fees can help filter out low-value work and ensure that professionals focus on more profitable projects.

How to Avoid Call-Out Confusion

To avoid confusion, it is essential to ask the professional about their call-out fee in advance. Here are some tips:

Ask About the Fee

Clarify the call-out fee with your professional before they attend your location.

Check for Inclusions

Ensure you understand the inclusions of the call-out fee, such as the time spent on-site and any diagnostic work.

Compare Quotes

Compare quotes from different professionals to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Check for Any Discounts

Ask for call-out fee discounts, especially for regular customers or larger jobs.

Check for Any Additional Fees

Ensure you understand if there are any additional fees, such as travel fees or equipment rental fees.

How to Negotiate Call-Out Fees

If you are unsure about the call-out fee or feel it is too high, you can try negotiating with the professional. Here are some tips:

Be Transparent

Be honest about your budget and what you are willing to pay.

Ask About Discounts

Ask if there are any discounts available for call-out fees.

Compare Quotes

Compare quotes from different professionals to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Consider a Flat Fee

Inquire if the professional can offer a flat fee for the job, which may be more cost-effective than a call-out fee.

Ask About Any Additional Services

Communicate if the professional can provide additional services, such as a free maintenance check or a discount on future work.

Understanding Call-Out Fees: What You Need to Know

Understanding call-out fees is crucial to making informed decisions when hiring a professional. By knowing what call-out fees are, why they are charged, and how they work, you can avoid confusion and ensure you get the best deal for your money. At All Needs Plumbing, we are committed to transparency and ensuring that our customers are well-informed about the costs. But do not worry; we offer $0 call-out fees. Reach out to us now for our costs and services.

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