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Commercial plumbing requires extensive experience, licenses and expertise to ensure compliance and profitable business operations. That’s why we are the company that St George and Sutherland Shire have trusted with their strata plumbing needs for 10 years and counting. We service businesses in KogarahSans SouciHurstvilleRockdale and the surrounds with reliable, cost-effective plumbing solutions that are designed to fit the high capacity needs and special requirements in commercial settings.

Strata Work and Real Estate Plumbing is a cost-effective process in providing plumbing services to tenant-occupied structures spread over a single building or multiple buildings. Instead of personalised services for every tenant in a building, a property manager seeks professional help from plumbing companies who are capable of managing residential and commercial plumbing works in properties. All Needs Plumbing is one of the most qualified and experienced real estate strata plumbing contractors in St George.


What is Commercial Plumbing?

Commercial and real estate plumbing are two different types of plumbing field. An expert in residential plumbing is not necessarily as effective in commercial plumbing and vice versa. A commercial plumber is usually exposed to different challenging problems every day.

Strata Work and Real Estate plumbing is a specialised field in the plumbing industry. They work on commercial establishments, including repair, maintenance and installation activities. The score of work may seem to be similar to residential plumbing. However, there are plenty of considerations and factors that affect the work of a real estate plumber that makes it much more complicated than working in residential plumbing issues.


Strata Plumbing Responsibility vs Residential Plumbing

There are a number of differences between working in strata and real estate plumbing compared to residential plumbing. Here are a few:

Step 01

Job Volume

The amount of job real estate plumbing requires is far more plenty, and complicated compared to residential plumbing. Commercial establishments are designed with different plumbing systems on multiple floors. The amount of problems that the plumbing system may encounter is very high. In residential homes, the maximum number of floors to consider when doing plumbing works is limited to 2 to 3 floors – a huge difference compared to multi-storey buildings that can have 10 or more floors.

Step 02

Complexity of Plumbing Issues

The degree of complexity of the plumbing problems in commercial buildings is far more complicated compared to residential plumbing emergencies. There are numerous pipes connected from one floor to another, with different plumbing systems to consider. Without knowledge and experience, it would be difficult to manage and resolve different plumbing issues in this type of setting.

The number of users in a commercial or real estate establishment is also higher and adds complications on how to address plumbing issues. The chances of wearing out your pipes are higher in a structure that attends to a lot of users.

Residential home plumbing issues can also be complicated, but with only a few pipes and fixtures to consider compared to real estate establishments.

Step 03

Specialised Tools and Equipment

The general tools used for attending real estate plumbing issues is the same set of tools used for residential home repairs. However, when a work requires groundwork, managing strata and real estate plumbing works are more complex. Heavy duty equipment and machineries are required to be able to perform plumbing installation and repairs in a commercial building. A few of them are enumerated below:

  • Heavy duty generators
  • Tile saw
  • Industrial vacuums
  • Cutting and drilling tools
  • Platforms for support
  • Pipe cutting tools
  • Vises and supports
Step 04

Working Hours

Most residential plumbing fixes are attended during the usual 9:00am to 5:00am period. With the exception of emergency plumbing requests, most residential plumbing installation and repair services are done during the day. Real estate plumbing repairs are also done during working hours; whereas, plumbing works for commercial buildings are conducted after working hours to avoid any work disruption in the establishments.

All Needs Plumbing understands the difference. Thus, we are available 24/7 and we can attend to any plumbing need, even beyond the usual working hours as per request.

All Needs Plumbing Strata Work and Real Estate

All Needs Plumbing offers a wide range of services for strata work and real estate plumbing. Our team of licensed plumbers provides the following types of plumbing works for our clients in the industrial, real estate and commercial sectors:

  • General maintenance including repair, piping and installation services
  • Replacement and rectifying plumbing systems
  • Clearing blocked drains, sewers and stormwater drains
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of water supply systems
  • Backflow prevention system including installation, maintenance and repair
  • Drinking water line installation and maintenance
  • Fire system installation, maintenance and repair
  • Clean-up services

Our plumbers are trained, experienced and licensed in handling huge commercial and real estate plumbing projects. We have been serving several commercial and real estate establishments in Sydney for the last 10 years with excellence and commitment to high-quality service.

All Needs Plumbing is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to cater strata works and real estate plumbing needs, including check-ups, inspections, installations, diagnostics, upgrades, system maintenance and cleanup services.

We help strata managers and real estate property managers save time and money. Subscribing to our regular services is more economical and convenient than contacting different contractors every time plumbing problems appear. All Needs Plumbing applies the latest plumbing codes and requirements in every job that we do, as required by the national and local codes.





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All Needs Plumbing offers 10 years of experience in Strata Works, Real Estate and Commercial Maintenance and Plumbing works in Sydney, as well as in the surrounding suburbs. We are fully licensed and an insured plumbing company that offers nothing but the best and highest quality of service to our clients.

Our commitment has always been the same – delivering the highest quality of work with speed and within our client’s budget. We help strata managements attend work orders, follow maintenance schedules on time, and fulfil emergency jobs quickly. We also provide same-day services with clean quotes served before any work is done. We strictly maintain deadlines and we provide safe and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

To ascertain the quality and consistency of workmanship, All Needs Plumbing provides regular training to its team. The public can rest assured that we do our job meticulously with the residents’ safety as top priority. If you are looking for a plumbing company to assist your strata work and real estate plumbing needs, call All Needs Plumbing at 1300 110 230 to schedule an inspection or visit.

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